Laser Hair Removal

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Say goodbye to wax and razors

Like being ready for anything, always? Laser hair removal is the treatment for you. Laser can permanently reduce hair growth – so you can ditch the wax and razors for good.

In an unregulated market with machines that have lots of acronyms, that greatly range in price and can be sold on Trade Me, to unskilled, untrained operators, it all can end in tears and as much hair as you started with.

Experience the actual laser hair removal!

There is a lot of confusion and misconceptions about permanent hair removal – many people think IPL, VPL, and laser are all the same thing… don’t get us started. Put simply they are not laser. Laser is laser. But we don’t just have any laser… we have the highest medical-grade laser to guarantee successful results faster, for more people, with less pain. Our Cynosure Elite laser machine with 2 different laser systems can simply treat people with lighter skin type, as well as those with olive skin.

Why multiple sessions?

Laser can only target hair during its ‘growth’ phase, which means a series of sessions, typically 6 – 12, will be needed to help in getting smooth, hair-free skin. We think it’s seriously worth it. Laser hair removal is a safe and cost effective, long term which achieves lasting results.


Although there’s no evidence to suggest that laser hair removal isn’t safe for your unborn baby, it is generally not recommended. It’s advisable that you wait until after you’ve had your child before considering the procedure.

This can be frustrating, especially as women often find themselves becoming hairier during pregnancy. The good news is that this usually disappears after birth or once breastfeeding has finished. If it doesn’t, laser hair removal could be an option.


There is no evidence that laser hair removal would affect breastfeeding or your breastfed baby. Please see here. However, it is better to talk to your doctor before doing it during breastfeeding period.


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