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Fat Freezing (CoolSculpting)

Cooltech Define, One of the latest fat freezing technology in the world

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Enhance your physique and eliminate stubborn localized fat pockets with the revolutionary fat freezing technology of Cooltech Define. Our advanced treatment offers a fast, painless, and non-invasive solution with visible results after just one session. Say goodbye to unwanted fat and hello to a sculpted body without the need for surgery or downtime.

What is Fat Freezing?

Also known as CoolSculpting, fat freezing is a non-surgical method that permanently destroys fat cells through Cryolipolysis. This process safely targets and eliminates fat cells without causing harm to the surrounding skin or cells. Unlike traditional diet and exercise methods that only shrink fat cells, Fat Freezing removes them entirely, leading to long-lasting results.

With Cooltech Define, we specifically target areas of body fat that are challenging to reduce through diet and exercise alone. Our innovative Cooltech Define device allows for the simultaneous use of four applicators, ensuring maximum effectiveness and safety. By destroying fat cells, Cooltech Define provides an effective and cost-efficient alternative to surgery for stubborn fat deposits. The remaining fat cells will naturally shrink, resulting in further reduction in the treated area. With Cryolipolysis, fat cells are unlikely to return, giving you lasting benefits.

What Makes Cooltech Define Unique? 

Cooltech Define sets itself apart with its cutting-edge technology and superior results. Featuring six different applicators designed for specific body areas, our device ensures optimal outcomes with utmost safety. In fact, our operators can use four different applicators simultaneously, significantly reducing treatment time and maximizing effectiveness.

The Cooltech Define, Advanced Technology.
The Cooltech Define, Advanced Technology

With clinical studies demonstrating up to 30%-50% fat reduction in each treatment, Cooltech Define surpasses any other device in New Zealand. It is %15-%20 more effective than regular Cooltech, thanks to its 360-degree cooling and ability to reach lower temperatures (Please see here). Unlike other fat freezing devices with two cooling plates, Cooltech Define provides cooling throughout the entire pocket surrounding the fat. This broader temperature coverage ensures that fat cells achieve apoptosis (cell death) throughout more of the fat, ultimately requiring fewer treatments and offering a more cost-effective solution.

Experience Full Body Contouring in Just 70 Minutes

During a Cooltech Define Fat Freezing treatment, our handpieces gently suction the subcutaneous fat into the devices, where controlled cooling takes place for 70 minutes. Following the treatment, fat cells undergo apoptosis, and over the next 8-12 weeks, your lymphatic system naturally metabolizes and eliminates the dead cells, resulting in reduced contours and a more sculpted appearance.

Choose Safety and Effectiveness with Cooltech Define

Cooltech Define is proudly made in Spain and guarantees unparalleled safety. Our device holds a Medical CE Marking, meeting European Health & Safety regulations and standards. With patented Gel Pads and safety temperature sensors in each handpiece, Cooltech Define ensures your well-being during the treatment.

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Treatment Areas

Is Cooltech Define Right for You?

If you struggle with stubborn fat bulges that don’t respond to diet and exercise, Cooltech Define is the ideal solution for you. Whether it’s post-pregnancy fat deposits, middle-age spread, love handles, rolls of fat, or fat deposits in the upper arms or inner thighs, our treatment can help you achieve the body you desire. Please note that Cooltech treatment is not suitable for individuals who are underweight or significantly overweight. It is also not recommended for weight loss purposes or for those with loose skin not filled with fatty deposits.

Fat Freezing or Liposuction: Which is Right for You?

While both Fat Freezing and liposuction have their indications, Cooltech Define offers a non-surgical alternative with several advantages. Fat freezing does not provide the same level of fat reduction as liposuction in a single session, but it is an excellent option for individuals who are not suitable for surgery or wish to avoid surgical risks. Please refer to the table below for a comparison:

Aspect Fat Freezing Liposuction 
Procedure TypeNo surgery requiredSurgery involved
Costs$400 – $3000$9000- $13000
PainMild discomfort during procedurePost-operative pain and discomfort
Number of treatments needed1-2 sessions. 40-70 minutesTypically one procedure, 3-6 hours
Expected resultsGradual results over weeks/monthsImmediate results, more dramatic
Contra-indicationsPeople with blood disorders like cryoglobulinaemiaPeople who have heart or lung problems and pregnant women
Recovery timeNo recovery time1-2 weeks of recovery time
Side effectsTemporary redness, numbness, Bruising(rare); Paradoxical Fat Hyperplasia(very rare)Bruising, Hematoma, Infection, Seroma collection, Side effects of anaesthesia, Fat embolism, Needs 1-2 weeks off work.
Suitable CandidatesMild to moderate fat depositsModerate to severe fat deposits

Fat Freezing vs Liposuction

When is Cooltech Define Treatment Not Appropriate?

Cooltech Define treatment is not suitable for individuals who are generally underweight or highly overweight. It is also not recommended for significant weight loss or individuals with loose skin that is not filled with fatty deposits. In such cases, alternative treatments will be recommended by our practitioners.

Preparing for Cooltech Define Treatment

Before your Cooltech Define treatment, it is important to stop taking any medications that affect blood circulation, such as blood thinners or anticoagulants, two days prior to the session. To optimize your results, we recommend adopting a balanced diet and incorporating light exercise into your lifestyle. Continuing this program for at least six weeks post-treatment will help you achieve the best possible outcome.

How Many Sessions Do You Need?

While one session is often sufficient, some cases may require 2-3 sessions. Cooltech Define is the only cryoadipolysis device that allows for the treatment of four body areas in a single session.

Nine Different Applicators for Targeted Treatment

Cooltech Define is equipped with nine different applicators (Cups) designed to fit various shapes of fat pockets throughout the body. These cups come in three sizes:

  • Small cup: Covers an area around 10 x 15 cm and is suitable for double chin or small fat pockets.
  • Medium cup: Available in different shapes and covers an area around 20 x 25 cm, ideal for thighs, arms, and other body areas.
  • Large cup: Covers an area around 20 x 40 cm and is used specifically on the tummy when the measured fat thickness is above 30mm.

To determine which cup or cups suit you best, book a free consultation with us.

Cooltech Define, Small Cup.png
Small Cup
Cooltech Define, Medium Cup.png
Medium Cup
Cooltech Define, Large Cup.png
Large Cup

Maximum Safety and Visible Results

Cooltech has undergone numerous in vivo and in vitro clinical trials, ensuring certified clinical predictability and maximum results. Over one million patients have received Cooltech treatments, with an overall satisfaction rate of 95%. Visible results can often be noticed in as little as 15 days.Please visit here for more information.

Cooltech Define fat freezing, before/after, Lexinic.png
Fat Freezing, tummy, Before and After

Achieve Your Desired Physique with Cooltech Define

Witness the transformation with Cooltech Define Fat Freezing. View our before-and-after photos of successful treatments, such as tummy fat reduction and love handles elimination. It’s time to take the first step toward a more sculpted you. Book a free consultation with us today by clicking here.

Cooltech Define fat freezing, before/after, Lexinic.png
Fat Freezing, love handles, before/after, 1 session at Lexinic

Take the first step – Book a Free Consultation here.


Prices and Booking

TreatmentSingle price Prepay 2
Cooltech Define, Small cup, 10x15cm treatment area$449$419 each
Cooltech Define, Medium cup, 20x25cm treatment area$579$539 each
Cooltech Define, Large cup, 20x40cm treatment area$899$849 each
Cooltech Define, Add-on Medium cup$489$459 each
Add-on Boost peel$69$59 each
Add-on Hydrodermabrasion, Face$69$59 each
Add-on LED light therapy$59$49 each
Add-on Hydrating mask$69$59 each

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