TreatmentSingle sessionPrepay sessions**
Laser hair removal25% on less than 645% on Prepay 6 or more
Laser hair removal, full body15% on less than 630% on Prepay 6 or more
Pico Laser Pigment/Toning/Scar20% on less than 340% on Prepay 3 or more
Pico Laser, Tattoo removal, Brightening, Onychomycosis-15% on Prepay 3 or more
Fat Freezing30% OFF40% on Prepay 2 or more
Full HIFU, Tightening & Lifting10% OFF20% on Prepay 2 or more
Express HIFU-20% on Prepay 3 or more
Micro-Needling20% on less than 330% on Prepay 3 or more
Secret RF, Skin resurfacing 15% on less than 335% on Prepay 3 or more
Hydrafacial, Face25% on less than 3$225 for Prepay 3
**Discount is off the single treatment price

TreatmentDiscounted Price $Original Price $
Botox 20 Units269299
Botox 28 Units359409
Dysport 50 Units269299
Dysport 70 Units359399
Lip Filler, 1ML449529
Lip Filler, 2ML799829
Face Fillers, 1ML Cheeks, under eyes, periorbital, nasolabial 629749
Face Fillers,2ML Cheeks, under eyes, periorbital, nasolabial or Lips899999
Profhilo 1 session, Face or Neck or Hands or Décolletage 719900
Profhilo 2 sessions, Face or Neck or Hands or Décolletage13501700
Profhilo 1 session, 2 areas13501700
Profhilo 2 sessions, 2 areas24993300
Profhilo 3 sessions, Hands or Décolletage 19992500

Treatment Price
Fat Freezing, Each medium cup$349, Save $230!


Price List and Online Booking

We kindly request that you carefully consider these points before proceeding with your booking with Lexinic:

  • Free Consultation: All new clients and loyal clients booking a new service are encouraged to schedule a free consultation. However, if you are booking Injectables with the nurse, a consultation is not required.
  • Price List: The price list displays the original prices, however when you make a payment in-store, promotional prices will be applied.
  • Pay-Later Options: LEXINIC  offers Pay-Later options, please Click here for further details.
  • Prepay Options: If you choose to prepay, you only need to book your first session. Once you have your first appointment, you can inquire about prepay sessions with your therapist. All our prepaid packages are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.
  • Non-Refundable Deposits: Any deposits made are non-refundable.
  • Please check Terms and Conditions.
  • All prices listed include a 15% Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Consultation & Follow up 

Consultation, Beauty Therapist $0
Follow up, Beauty Therapist $0

Consultation, Cosmetic Nurse $0
Follow up, Cosmetic Nurse$0

Pico Laser Treatments

TreatmentSingle Price3 Sessions
Carbone laser facial(Catwalk Ready) for pores reduction$799$749 Each
Pigmentation, face(Including complimentary toning treatment)$799$749 Each
Melasma or PIH, face$699$649 Each
Rosacea face(Fair skin types only)$699$649 Each
Pigment, spot treatmentContact us for pricing
Toning, General skin rejuvenation: face OR neck OR hands OR décolletage $499$469 Each
Pigmentation, Hand OR Décolletage(Including complimentary toning treatment)$599 $559 Each
Pigmentation, Neck, front OR back(Including complimentary toning treatment)$599$559 Each
Numbing cream, Optional$39$39 Each

TreatmentSingle Price 3 Sessions
Acne scar, Full face(Including complimentary toning treatment)$799$749 Each
Acne scar, Cheeks$499$469 Each
Acne scar, Full back$999$899 Each
Surgical Scar Revision below 10cm$399$349 Each
Surgical Scar Revision 10cm or more than/ per scar $499$449 Each
Tiny scarsContact us for pricing
Numbing cream, Optional$39$39 Each

Tattoo size*Single PricePrepay 3
30 cm2 or less$159$139 each
31 - 50 cm2$199$189 each
51 - 100 cm2$299$279 each
101-200 cm2$399$379 each
201 - 400 cm2$499$459 each
401-500 cm2$599$559 each
Numbing cream, Optional$39$39 each
*Measured as width(cm) x length(cm).

Treatment areaSingle price Prepay 3
Underarms$199$189 each
Brazilian$199$189 each
Inner thighs$299$279 each
Lips$199$189 each
Add-on Numbing cream $39$39 each

TreatmentSingle Price 3 Sessions
Nail fungus treatment (per foot or hand)$259$229 each
Add-on Numbing cream $39$39 each

Cosmetic Injectables

TreatmentSingle price
Botox 1 area - 10 units$149
Botox 1-2 areas - 20 units$299
Botox 2-3 areas - 28 units$409
Botox 3 areas - 48 units$659
Botox per unit(under 20 units)$14.90

TreatmentSingle price
Dysport 1 area - 25 units$139
Dysport 1-2 areas - 50 units$299
Dysport 2-3 areas - 70 units$399
Dysport 3 areas - 120 units$619
Dysport per unit(under 20 units)$5.6

TreatmentSingle price
Fillers- Lovely lips (1ml) $529
Fillers- Lovely lips, extra (2ml)$829
Fillers- Lips lines (1ml)$679
Fillers- Cheeky cheeks (1ml)$749
Fillers- Cheeky cheeks, extra(2ml)$999
Fillers- Cheeks & Lips (3ml)$1399
Fillers- Hydrate (1ml) - Improves skin & lip hydration$449
Fillers- Hands (1ml)$499
Fillers- Hands (2ml)$859

TreatmentSingle price
Filler, Chin (1ml)$749
Filler, Jaw re-shaping (1ml)$749
Filler, Jaw re-shaping (2ml)$1399
Filler, Nasolabial Folds/smile/laugh lines (1ml)$749
Filler, Marionette lines/corner of mouth (1ml)$749
Filler 1ml, Tear trough, Under Eyes$749
Filler 1ml, Temple area$749

TreatmentSingle price $
1ml lips filler + 50 units of Dysport$699
1ml lips filler + 70 units of Dysport$829
1ml lips filler + 120 units of Dysport$949
1ml lips filler + 1ml cheeks or any other areas + 2 areas anti-wrinkle (70 units of Dysport)$1299
1ml lips filler+ 1ml cheeks or any other areas + 3 areas anti-wrinkle (120 units of Dysport)$1349

Treatment1 session2 sessions3 sessions
Profhilo, Face$900$1700-
Profhilo, Neck$900$1700-
Profhilo, Hands$900$1700$2500
Profhilo, Décolletage $900$1700$2500
Profhilo, 2 areas$1700$3300$4500

Body Contouring

TreatmentSingle price Prepay 2
Cooltech Define, Small cup, 10x15cm treatment area$449$419 each
Cooltech Define, Medium cup, 20x25cm treatment area$579$539 each
Cooltech Define, Large cup, 20x40cm treatment area$899$849 each
Cooltech Define, Add-on Medium cup$489$459 each
Add-on Boost peel$69$59 each
Add-on Hydrodermabrasion, Face$69$59 each
Add-on LED light therapy$59$49 each
Add-on Hydrating mask$69$59 each

TreatmentSingle price Prepay 2
Full HIFU, Décolletage $699$659 each
Express HIFU, Décolletage499469 each
HIFU, Side of Underarms(Axilla tightening and contouring)$319$289 each
HIFU Express, Hands, Both$299$279
HIFU, Upper Arms$559$529 each
HIFU, Breast Lifting$299$279 each
HIFU, Abdomen contouring$1799$1599 each
HIFU, Abdomen tightening $1299$1199 each
HIFU, Knees, Each side$319$289 each
HIFU, Outer Thighs Contouring, Each Side$799$699 each
HIFU, Inner Thighs Contouring, Each Side$799$699 each
HIFU, Full Love handles, Each side$999$899 each
HIFU, Express Love handles, Each side$699$659 each
Numbing Cream, Optional$39$39 each

Skin Health & Rejuvenation

TreatmentSingle pricePrepay 2
Full HIFU, Face$999$899 each
Full HIFU, Double Chin$699$649 each
Full HIFU, Cheeks, Jowls$1199$1099 each
Full HIFU, Cheeks$699$649 each
Full HIFU, Jowls + Neck$899$829 each
Full HIFU, Cheeks+jowls+neck$1599$1499 each
Full HIFU, Face + Jowls$1599$1499 each
Full HIFU, Face+ Jowls + Neck$1799$1599 each
HIFU, Neck Fold (Full)$499$469 each
Full HIFU, Décolletage $899$799 each
Numbing cream, Optional$39$39 each

TreatmentSingle pricePrepay 2
Hollywood Lift (Fine lines and wrinkles)$799$749 each
Express HIFU, Face, MF2$599$549 each
Express HIFU, Face & Jowls, MF2$799$749 each
Express HIFU, Cheeks, MF2 $299$259 each
Express HIFU, Cheeks + Jowls, MF2$599$549 each
Express HIFU, Décolletage$599$549 each
Express HIFU, Eyebrow lifting, MF2 $199$159 each
Express HIFU, around the eyes, MF2 $299$259 each
Express HIFU, MF2, eye bags$299$259 each
Express HIFU, Forehead, MF2$299$259 each
Express HIFU, Frown line, MF2$159$139 each
Express HIFU, Nasolabial fold, MF2$299$259 each
Express HIFU, Perioral, MF2$299$259 each
Express HIFU, Lip wrinkles, MF2 $299$259 each
Express HIFU, Neck fold, MF2 $299$279 each
Express HIFU, Hands rejuvenation, MF2 $499$459 each
Numbing Cream, Optional$39$39 each

TreatmentSingle priceprepay 3
Secret, Face$599$559 each
Secret, Neck$599$559 each
Secret, Decolletage$599$559 each
Secret, Hands, Both sides$599$559 each
Secret, Tummy, Stretch marks + Skin tightening$699$649 each
Secret, Upper Thighs, Stretch marks + Skin tightening$699$649 each
Secret, Excessive armpit sweating$599$559 each
Secret, Neck,add-on$339$319 each
Secret, Decolletage,add-on$359$329 each
Secret, Hands, Add on$339$319 each
Secret RF scar treatment, <10cm$399 per scar$359 each
Secret RF scar treatment, 10-20cm$499 per scar$459 each
Secret RF scar treatment, >20cm$599 per scar$559 each

TreatmentSingle pricePrepay 3
Aqua Face, 40 min.$129$109 each
Aqua Add-on Neck$79$69 each
Aqua Back$179$149 each
Aqua Add-on shoulders $99$89 each
Aqua Add-on neck & decollatage$139$119 each
Aqua Add-on hands$89 $79 each
Aqua Add-on LED, 30 min.$59$54 each

TreatmentSingle pricePrepay 3
Micro-Needling, Face$269$259 each
Micro-Needling, Face& Neck$299$289 each
Micro-Needling, Neck$269$259 each
Micro-Needling, Decolletage$269$259 each
Micro-Needling, Face & neck & décolletage$359$349 each
Micro-Needling, Stomach$299$289 each
Micro-Needling, Body (20cm x 20cm)$269$259 each
Numbing cream - optional$39$39 each
Add-on hands$69$59 each
Add on LED light therapy$59$54 each
Add on Hydrodermabasion$69$59 each
Add on Hydrating Mask$69$59 each

TreatmentSingle pricePrepay 3
Face$169$149 each
Cheeks$99$79 each
Neck$149$129 each
Upper back OR Décolletage$169$149 each
Face + Neck$199$179 each
Face + neck + décolletage$269$239 each
Hands$169$149 each
Add-on Boost peel$69$54 each
Add-on Hydrodermabrasion$69$54 each
Add-on LED light therapy$59$49 each
Add-on Hydrating Mask$59$49 each

TreatmentSingle price
Laser Red Vein Treatment (per 5 minutes)$169
Add-on Numbing cream $39

TreatmentSingle pricePrepay 4
LED light therapy$69$59

TreatmentSingle Price Prepay 3
Boost peel$99$89 each
Age Defying/Problem/Pigmen peel$139$129 each
Add-on LED light therapy$59 $54 each
Add-on Hydrating Mask$59$54 each

Laser Hair Removal

TreatmentSingle price Prepay 6
LHR-Face - Full$69$59 each
LHR-Face – Sides( Ear to Jawline)$49$44 each
LHR-Glabella,(between eyebrows)$29$25 each
LHR-Upper Lip$29$25 each
LHR-Chin$29$25 each
LHR-Neck(front or back)$59$49 each
LHR-Beard Sculpting$55$45 each
LHR-Ears$29$25 each
LHR-Nose$29$25 each

TreatmentSingle price Prepay 6
LHR-Underarms$29$25 each
LHR-Arms, Full$159$139 each
LHR-Arms, Half$129$109 each
LHR-Back, Full $189$159 each
LHR-Back, Half$129$109 each
LHR-Back, Sides$79$69 each
LHR-Chest$119$109 each
LHR-Stomach$79$69 each
LHR-Chest & Stomach$159$139 each
LHR-Snail Trail$29$25 each
LHR-Shoulders$69$65 each
LHR-Hands + Fingers$45$39 each
LHR-Areolas$29$25 each

TreatmentSingle price Prepay 6
LHR-Brazilian OR Bikini( Female)$69$59 each
LHR-Brazilian ( male)$99$89 each
LHR-Legs - Full$229$199 each
LHR-Legs - Half$149$129 each
LHR-Inner Thighs$69$59 each
LHR-Feet + Toes $39$29 each
LHR-Buttocks$99$89 each
LHR-Anus$39$29 each
Add-on Thigh Patch, (Hand size)$39$39

TreatmentSingle pricePrepay 6
LHR, Full Body, For Her$499$469 each
LHR, Full Body, For Him$549$499 each
Shaving, Female$69-

Excessive Sweating

TreatmentSingle session3 Sessions
Secret RF, Underarms$599$559 each
Secret RF treatment can reduce excessive sweating up to 70% – 80%. The results are long term or permanent. Please see here for more information. .

TreatmentSingle session
Botox 100 units, Hands/Armpits$999
Dysport 250 units, Hands/Armpits$899

Information about Injectables

Botox® is a prescription medicine for the treatment of frown lines, horizontal forehead lines, and crow's feet around the eyes. Botox® has risks and benefits. Ask your doctor if Botox is right for you. If you have side effects see your doctor. You will need to pay for Botox® and clinic fees will apply. For details on precautions & side effects consult your healthcare professional or the Consumer Medicine Information (CMI) at Botox® treatment lasts about 4 months and further courses of treatment may be necessary. Should only be administered by trained medical professionals. (contains botulinum toxin A 50,100 & 200 units) Allergan (NZ) Limited, Auckland.

PROFHILO® containing low & high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, is a Class Ill medical device for the treatment of the face and body for contours redefinition and laxity remodelling where skin laxity is a problem. Profhilo® has risks and benefits. Do not use with treatments such a laser resurfacing or medium deep skin-peeling. Caution in people on blood thinning medicines. Do not inject into inflamed areas or intravenously or intramuscularly. Possible side effects: pain and swelling at injection site. Accelagen Pty. Ltd. Whanganui.

Restylane is an unfunded Treatment that you pay for. Ask your Doctor if Restylane is right for you. Normal Doctors charges apply. Restylane is an injectable intradermal implant containing Hyaluronic acid, stabilized 20 mg/ml. Restylane is used for facial tissue augmentation and lip enhancement. Restylane should only be injected by a medical professional. Tell your medical professional if you have a bleeding disorder or if you are being treated with blood thinning medicines, or any other medicines you are taking. Precautions: Allergy to Hyaluronic acid or any active ingredients. Restylane should not be used where there is active skin disease, inflammation or related conditions. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding, or in children. Avoid intense heat or cold after treatment until swelling and redness have resolved. Side effects: common injection-related reactions might occur, including redness, swelling, pain, itching, bruising, tenderness or lumpiness at the implant site. Typically, these resolve in a few days to a week. Tell your medical professional if you experience any side effects. For further information ask your medical professional. Q-Med c/o Pharmacy Retailing (NZ) t/a Healthcare Logistics, Auckland 0800 174 104.

The JUVÉDERM® range of injectable gels are medical devices for use in adults. JUVÉDERM® VOLITE contain 12mg/mL cross-linked hyaluronic acid with lidocaine 3mg/mL. JUVÉDERM® ULTRA XC and JUVÉDERM® ULTRA PLUS XC contain 24mg/mL cross-linked hyaluronic acid with lidocaine 3mg/mL. Juvéderm® VOLITE™ is for filling superficial depressions of the skin as well as for additional improvement of skin quality attributes such as hydration and elasticity. JUVÉDERM® ULTRA XC is for filling medium-sized depressions of the skin as well as for lip definition. JUVÉDERM® ULTRA PLUS XC is for filling mid and/or deep depressions of the skin as well as for lip definition and enhancement. All JUVÉDERM® products should be administered only by a trained medical professional. JUVÉDERM® ULTRA XC and JUVÉDERM® ULTRA PLUS XC™ should not be injected into the eyelids. You should not receive treatment with any JUVÉDERM® product if you are below 18 years of age, have untreated epilepsy, history of hypertrophic scars or porphyria, or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, hypersensitivity to ingredients including hyaluronic acid, lidocaine or amide-type local anaesthetics, any areas of cutaneous inflammation and/or infections, or if you have just had laser treatment, deep chemical peel or dermabrasion. Precautions: Caution is required if you have received treatment with another dermal filler; if you have a history of or are currently suffering an auto-immune disease, severe multiple allergies, anaphylactic shock, streptococcal disease, symptoms of cardiac conduction disorders; or if you are taking certain medications including anti-coagulants or certain drugs that reduce/inhibit hepatic metabolism. Avoid makeup for 12 hours after injection and prolonged exposure to sunlight/UV light/extreme temperatures for 2 weeks. Adverse effects reported after treatment with JUVÉDERM® range of fillers have included immediate or delayed injection site inflammatory reactions (redness/swelling/ itching/pain on pressure) persisting a week post treatment, haematomas, induration or nodules, discolouration, weak filling effect, risk of infection, abscess formation, granuloma, necrosis or hypersensitivity. Please ask your medical professional or request for the Directions For Use for complete list of precautions and adverse effects per respective filler. JUVÉDERM® injectable gels are not funded on the New Zealand Pharmaceutical Scheme. You will need to pay for this treatment. Normal visit fees apply. Speak to your medical professional about your own situation and about the benefits/ risks of this procedure in appearance medicine. If you have any side effects or concerns speak to your doctor.  ®Trademark(s) and registered trademark(s) of Allergan, Inc. Allergan Australia Pty Ltd. 810 Pacific Highway, Gordon NSW 2072. ABN 85 000 612 831. Allergan New Zealand Limited, Auckland. © 2018 Allergan. All rights reserved. Date of preparation: October 2018 ANZ/0104/2017.

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