Fat Freezing with Cooltech Define

Cooltech Define is a platform that uses fat freezing technology to reduce unwanted fat from the body on both men and women. This is the only CoolTech Define system in Australia and New Zealand.


Cooltech Define is a fat freezing technology platform, developed to perform adipose tissue reduction treatments, using the “360 cooling” technology that suctions the fatty fold and applies a controlled cooling system throughout the surface of the treated area. Thanks to its nine different applicators, Cooltech Define can treat localized fat in multiple areas of the body, allowing complete body remodelling. In one session you can treat up to 4 areas in a completely independent way, allowing a body remodelling with a minimum number of sessions.

Can be used on the following areas:

Fat freezing normally uses to treat localise stubborn fat pockets: Double chin, Axillary fold , Suprapectoral , Infrapectoral , Upper & Lower tummy , Love handles , Trochanteric , Inner side of thigh , Internal knee side , Upper front knee , Pubis , Supraescapular , Infrascapular , and Arms can be treated.

There is no pain, no downtime. The procedure takes 45 minutes for double chin and 70 minutes on the other areas. We do a Free Consultation first to evaluate the situation do all the measurements. Then we will discuss the it with you and give you a treatment plan.  With each session you can see 25-30 percent decrease in fat volume. You probably only need 1-2 sessions, 3 months apart.

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