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AQUAPURE Treatment

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SECRET RF Treatment

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TreatmentSingle pricePrepay 2
Full HIFU, Face$999$899 each
Full HIFU, Double Chin$699$649 each
Full HIFU, Cheeks, Jowls$1199$1099 each
Full HIFU, Cheeks$699$649 each
Full HIFU, Jowls + Neck$899$829 each
Full HIFU, Cheeks+jowls+neck$1599$1499 each
Full HIFU, Face + Jowls$1599$1499 each
Full HIFU, Face+ Jowls + Neck$1799$1599 each
HIFU, Neck Fold (Full)$499$469 each
Full HIFU, Décolletage $899$799 each
Numbing cream, Optional$39$39 each

TreatmentSingle pricePrepay 2
Hollywood Lift (Fine lines and wrinkles)$799$749 each
Express HIFU, Face, MF2$599$549 each
Express HIFU, Face & Jowls, MF2$799$749 each
Express HIFU, Cheeks, MF2 $299$259 each
Express HIFU, Cheeks + Jowls, MF2$599$549 each
Express HIFU, Décolletage$599$549 each
Express HIFU, Eyebrow lifting, MF2 $199$159 each
Express HIFU, around the eyes, MF2 $299$259 each
Express HIFU, MF2, eye bags$299$259 each
Express HIFU, Forehead, MF2$299$259 each
Express HIFU, Frown line, MF2$159$139 each
Express HIFU, Nasolabial fold, MF2$299$259 each
Express HIFU, Perioral, MF2$299$259 each
Express HIFU, Lip wrinkles, MF2 $299$259 each
Express HIFU, Neck fold, MF2 $299$279 each
Express HIFU, Hands rejuvenation, MF2 $499$459 each
Numbing Cream, Optional$39$39 each

TreatmentSingle priceprepay 3
Secret, Face$599$559 each
Secret, Neck$599$559 each
Secret, Decolletage$599$559 each
Secret, Hands, Both sides$599$559 each
Secret, Tummy, Stretch marks + Skin tightening$699$649 each
Secret, Upper Thighs, Stretch marks + Skin tightening$699$649 each
Secret, Excessive armpit sweating$599$559 each
Secret, Neck,add-on$339$319 each
Secret, Decolletage,add-on$359$329 each
Secret, Hands, Add on$339$319 each
Secret RF scar treatment, <10cm$399 per scar$359 each
Secret RF scar treatment, 10-20cm$499 per scar$459 each
Secret RF scar treatment, >20cm$599 per scar$559 each

TreatmentSingle pricePrepay 3
Aqua Face, 40 min.$129$109 each
Aqua Add-on Neck$79$69 each
Aqua Back$179$149 each
Aqua Add-on shoulders $99$89 each
Aqua Add-on neck & decollatage$139$119 each
Aqua Add-on hands$89 $79 each
Aqua Add-on LED, 30 min.$59$54 each

TreatmentSingle pricePrepay 3
Micro-Needling, Face$269$259 each
Micro-Needling, Face& Neck$299$289 each
Micro-Needling, Neck$269$259 each
Micro-Needling, Decolletage$269$259 each
Micro-Needling, Face & neck & décolletage$359$349 each
Micro-Needling, Stomach$299$289 each
Micro-Needling, Body (20cm x 20cm)$269$259 each
Numbing cream - optional$39$39 each
Add-on hands$69$59 each
Add on LED light therapy$59$54 each
Add on Hydrodermabasion$69$59 each
Add on Hydrating Mask$69$59 each

TreatmentSingle pricePrepay 3
Face$169$149 each
Cheeks$99$79 each
Neck$149$129 each
Upper back OR Décolletage$169$149 each
Face + Neck$199$179 each
Face + neck + décolletage$269$239 each
Hands$169$149 each
Add-on Boost peel$69$54 each
Add-on Hydrodermabrasion$69$54 each
Add-on LED light therapy$59$49 each
Add-on Hydrating Mask$59$49 each

TreatmentSingle price
Laser Red Vein Treatment (per 5 minutes)$169
Add-on Numbing cream $39

TreatmentSingle pricePrepay 4
LED light therapy$69$59

TreatmentSingle Price Prepay 3
Boost peel$99$89 each
Age Defying/Problem/Pigmen peel$139$129 each
Add-on LED light therapy$59 $54 each
Add-on Hydrating Mask$59$54 each

TreatmentSingle price Prepay 6
LHR-Face - Full$69$59 each
LHR-Face – Sides( Ear to Jawline)$49$44 each
LHR-Glabella,(between eyebrows)$29$25 each
LHR-Upper Lip$29$25 each
LHR-Chin$29$25 each
LHR-Neck(front or back)$59$49 each
LHR-Beard Sculpting$55$45 each
LHR-Ears$29$25 each
LHR-Nose$29$25 each

TreatmentSingle price Prepay 6
LHR-Underarms$29$25 each
LHR-Arms, Full$159$139 each
LHR-Arms, Half$129$109 each
LHR-Back, Full $189$159 each
LHR-Back, Half$129$109 each
LHR-Back, Sides$79$69 each
LHR-Chest$119$109 each
LHR-Stomach$79$69 each
LHR-Chest & Stomach$159$139 each
LHR-Snail Trail$29$25 each
LHR-Shoulders$69$65 each
LHR-Hands + Fingers$45$39 each
LHR-Areolas$29$25 each

TreatmentSingle price Prepay 6
LHR-Brazilian OR Bikini( Female)$69$59 each
LHR-Brazilian ( male)$99$89 each
LHR-Legs - Full$229$199 each
LHR-Legs - Half$149$129 each
LHR-Inner Thighs$69$59 each
LHR-Feet + Toes $39$29 each
LHR-Buttocks$99$89 each
LHR-Anus$39$29 each
Add-on Thigh Patch, (Hand size)$39$39

TreatmentSingle pricePrepay 6
LHR, Full Body, For Her$499$469 each
LHR, Full Body, For Him$549$499 each
Shaving, Female$69-